FAQs – Bioniq® Repair Tooth-Milk

You will find frequently asked questions about our Bioniq® Repair Tooth-Milk and the answers here.

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Bioniq® Repair Tooth-Milk contains artificial enamel with valuable calcium (hydroxyapatite). Thanks to its slightly gel-like consistency, it adheres to the enamel extremely well and makes the teeth so smooth that it becomes very difficult for bacteria and stains to build up.

Bioniq® Repair Tooth-Milk contains two active ingredients (lactoferrin and hyaluronic acid) with an antibacterial and moisture-regulating action. Consequently, it prevents inflammation of the gums.

The lactoferrin in Bioniq® Repair Tooth-Milk​​​​​​​ is a natural antimicrobial substance which is obtained from dairy milk. Consequently, the mouthwash is not suitable for vegans.

Animal testing has not been used in the development of our products. A general ban on the use of animal testing for cosmetics has been enacted by law (Cosmetics Ordinance and EU Cosmetics Directive) for a number of years now.

Yes, Bioniq® Repair Tooth-Milk​​​​​​​ does not contain the alcohol found in beverages (ethanol). This means the mouthwash can also be used by individuals wishing to avoid products containing alcohol.

As all Bioniq® products are based on the principle of biomimetics, we never use harmful or questionable ingredients. Consequently, Bioniq® Repair Tooth-Milk contains zero microplastics or nanoplastics.

No discolouration at all occurs when using Bioniq® Repair Tooth-Milk​​​​​​​. The product was specially developed for daily use and not as a special treatment. The mouthwash should be used after brushing or also in-between, e.g. after meals. Rinse your mouth with the mouthwash for around 20 seconds, do not swallow and do not rinse out with water.

You can find Bioniq® Repair Tooth-Milk​​​​​​​ in selected health and beauty retail outlets, supermarket departments and pharmacies.