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Bioniq® Toothpaste Duo

As part of a clinical study, it was shown that brushing teeth daily with a toothpaste containing hydroxyapatite significantly improved the pain sensation of hypersensitive teeth to ice water.1 The first noticeable effects can be observed after approximately 3 days.2

Use Bioniq® Toothpaste Duo for daily brushing – in the morning, the evening and as needed in-between. For the comprehensive protection of teeth and gums, we also recommend the daily use of Bioniq® Repair Tooth Milk, for example after eating. In addition, in the case of particularly sensitive teeth, the toothpaste can also be applied to the affected tooth or teeth with a finger.

1 Orsini, G. et al., J. Clin. Periodontol., 37, 510–517 (2010).
2 Orsini, G. et al., J. Periodontol., 84, 65–73 (2013).

Bioniq® Toothpaste Duo has all the cleaning and protective properties of a conventional fluoride toothpaste (caries protection). It contains hydroxyapatite to repair microscopically small defects on the enamel surface. Problems with the teeth and gums are prevented. Hydroxyapatite toothpaste has been clinically proven to reduce sensitive teeth. This makes Bioniq® Toothpaste Duo ideal for daily use, in the morning and evening.

The main active ingredient in all Bioniq® toothpastes is 20% artificial enamel (hydroxyapatite). The use of hydroxyapatite has a positive effect on the health of the teeth and gums. These effects include the formation of a biomimetic protective film around the teeth and the prevention of tooth sensitivity.

In addition to the active substance hydroxyapatite, Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste Plus contains two further active substances that work to protect against gum problems: The natural antimicrobial active substance lactoferrin and the proven biologically active substance hyaluronic acid.

Bioniq® Toothpaste Duo offers the Duo effect with bisabolol. This active ingredient soothes the tooth nerve, and hydroxyapatite closes off (occludes) exposed tubules.Bisabolol also supports gum regeneration, has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes irritated gums.

Our teeth are exposed to constant mechanical and chemical attacks. Many foodstuffs and drinks, even healthy fruit, contain acid. The result: The protective tooth enamel surface becomes rough and porous. Microscopically small defects result. This can cause sensitive teeth, as stimuli can reach the tooth nerve through exposed dentinal tubules. Exposed tooth necks due to receding gums can also lead to sensitivity to pain.

Our teeth are exposed to constant mechanical and chemical attacks. Chewing, brushing when we clean our teeth, and acidic food and drink all attack the teeth. Once it has been worn down, enamel cannot be reproduced by the body. The artificial enamel in Bioniq® Duo repairs microscopically small defects and forms a protective layer against wear when used regularly. In this way, Bioniq® Toothpaste Duo fights the cause of pain-sensitive teeth in a natural way. Hydroxyapatite crystallites (artificial enamel) occlude exposed dentinal tubules and adhere to the surface of the teeth. This repairs the surface of the enamel and dentin and effectively reduces sensitivity to pain.

The active ingredient bisabolol is found in plants such as chamomile. It soothes the tooth nerve, supports gum regeneration, has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes irritated gums.

The artificial enamel (hydroxyapatite) occludes exposed dentinal tubules. Bisabolol as an active ingredient soothes the tooth nerve, supports gum regeneration, has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes irritated gums.

Neither the Bioniq® Toothpaste Duo formula, nor the tube and bottle materials, contain any raw materials of animal origin. 

Animal testing has not been used in the development of our products. A general ban on the use of animal testing for cosmetics has been enacted by law (Cosmetics Ordinance and EU Cosmetics Directive) for a number of years now.

All Bioniq® Toothpastes have a mild formula and are generally very well tolerated. In some homeopathic treatments/therapies, flavorings in food/dental care products (such as menthol) should generally be avoided. Bioniq® Toothpastes, like most toothpastes on the market, contain an aroma containing menthol, which provides a pleasant feeling of freshness. If you have any questions as to whether menthol or any of the other ingredients should be avoided during homeopathic treatment, please contact your doctor or alternative practitioner.

As all Bioniq® products are based on the principle of biomimetics, we never use harmful or questionable ingredients. Bioniq® Toothpaste Duo therefore contains zero microplastics or nanoplastics. Our toothpastes do not contain microbeads - tiny plastic beads made of polyethylene - as abrasive particles. We only use mineral-based abrasives (silica and hydrated silica).

No. All Bioniq® products are free from titanium dioxide.

Bioniq® Toothpaste Duo has a mid-range RDA value and is therefore suitable for daily use.

All Bioniq® Toothpastes have an extremely gentle formulation. This means they can also be used if a patient has implants and in the case of fixed or removable dentures. As well as the main active ingredient, hydroxyapatite, Bioniq® Toothpastes also contain cleansing substances and mild surfactants. Gentle abrasive particles are also used to avoid damaging implants, crowns or fillings.

Bioniq® Toothpastes are designed for and tested by adults.

For children, we have specially developed products in our Karex brand. These products also contain the naturally occurring active ingredient hydroxyapatite and are safe to swallow.

You can find Bioniq® Toothpaste Duo in selected health and beauty retail outlets, supermarket departments and pharmacies.